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    How to make new friends?

    Hey there,

    I am over 20 but still have no idea how to make new friends and usually could screw it up. Until now, I just have a few friends from high school or college living back home. During my training session(the first time we met), my coworkers and I travelled around and one of them who is a girl came picked me up and then we went together to our destination. And since every single morning we had to leave at around 6:30am, I would bring breakfast like muffins to her when we were on the way. At the beginning everything or most of things went well and I brought her to dinner on the last second day of the training. She was a nice person and I hoped to put her in my "friend" list. So, after the training session ended, I texted her about my appreciation and hoping to meet her as long as she would get a chance to visit my city. However, she did not rely to me. I just feel a little disappointed and sad.

    Another person made me feel the same way-sad, who is my tutor at college. Before my graduation I went visit her office and expressed my gratefulness to her help and brought a beautiful and decent bracelet which I bought in another country to her. And she said we could have lunch sometimes together in the future and gave me a couple of advices on the internship. So, just a couple of days ago, I sent an email saying hi to her. Again, no reply.

    I have no idea if there is something wrong with myself making people keep me far far away or ignore completely. How do people keep in touch or keep friendship in a long run? OR, I expect too much on people?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Re: How to make new friends?

    ZOEYW, this is an English usage site, not a self-help site. Even if we were qualified to give you advice, this is not the best place for that.

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