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    Smile plural or singular

    Hi everybody,

    I read in a grammar book that plural forms are almost always used with countable
    nouns after plural possessive pronouns when we talk about several people each
    doing the same thing although I have come across sentences
    like . `Lots of people have lost their job as a result of the economic
    crisis.` instead of `Lots of people have lost their jobs as a result of
    the economic crisis.`
    I feel almost certain this grammar rule applies when body parts and clothes are referred to.

    I would like to ask you what you think and what the standard rules are regarding
    this subject. Which form in the example sentences below do you consider correct and

    1. Most dog owners love their pet/their pets.

    1. Nowadays, it is very hard for some home owners to keep their home/their homes.

    1. It is not always easy for us to get rid of our bad habit/our bad habits.

    1. The teacher asked his students to open their textbook/their textbooks.

    Looking forward to your point of views.

    Greetings from Bavaria


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    Re: plural or singular

    I would use the plural in all of your examples.

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