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    Hyphenation of compounds

    Hi all,
    I have a question about hyphenation. I'm writing a technical article where I'm describing several algorithms and estimators and I would like someone to check if I'm hyphenating the compound adverbs correctly.

    Let's say we have two algorithms that are called "gamma finding" and "residual-gamma finding". I just made these up for the purpose of this question.

    Here are few example sentences, please let me know which are correct or incorrect

    A1) We investigate the benefits of gamma finding.
    A2) We investigate the benefits of residual-gamma finding.

    B1) The gamma-finding algorithm works well.
    B2) The residual-gamma-finding algorithm works well.
    B3) The residual gamma-finding algorithm works well.

    C1) The gamma finding-based estimator is superb.
    C2) The gamma-finding-based estimator is superb.
    C3) The residual-gamma finding-based estimator is superb.
    C4) The residual-gamma-finding-based estimator is superb.

    The examples provided are not exhaustive, there are obviously other variants, but I assume those wouldn't be correct.
    Let me know which variants are correct please. This is the first time these techniques are described so I have no reference and I would very much like to get it right.

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    Re: Hyphenation of compounds

    I prefer to omit all such hyphens. My fellow teachers have disagreed in the past, but as you have pointed out, making rules about this gets very complicated.

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