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    Hi teachers,
    Could you please expain the meaning of the following sentence:
    "I bought the Gramercy edition of the complete [Shakespeare] works, but I read somewhere that this is heavily edited in line with Victorian sentiments."
    Is it saying this edition includes heavy annotations influenced by Victorian sentiments, or the text of Shakespeare's works was changed under the influence of Victorian sentiments?
    I guess I'm asking whether annotating can be called editting.
    Also, is 'in line with' an idiom?

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    Re: edit

    From the context given, it sounds like the original work was edited, that is, portions that might have been considered offensive according to the morals and standards of the Victorian era, were removed.

    "In line with" is similar to "in agreement with".

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    Re: edit

    Hi Ouisch,

    Thank you very much.
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