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    conflation of these two practices

    Does "conflation" mean "the two are one without any difference", but "interlinking" and "simultaneity" mean "relatedness, relationship between two, not meaning unity"?
    44.3)There are often good reasons for coining new terms. They make us rethink things we used to take for granted. “Prosumption” and “produsage,” for example, cause us to think anew on what production and consumption entail. ____(A)____, in our view these two concepts are problematic in that they confuse the increasing interlinking and simultaneity of two separate practices—production and consumption—with the conflation of these two practices. In an article concerning everyday life practices more generally, Beer and Burrows write that “participation in acts that genuinely blur the line between production and consumption is now an established part of the everyday lives of millions of people.” It is this blurring of distinctions we would like to question. It is certainly true that people spend more free time than ever before consuming and producing media. It is also true that consumption and production can be carried out more or less simultaneously. But that does not mean that the practices as such are blurred. ____(B)____, we find it more analytically useful to uphold the distinction and speak of production and consumption as two distinct practices.

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    Re: conflation of these two practices

    Yes, that is the idea.

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