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    I would like to know what does "champion" mean here. Is it support? Defend? Master?

    Thank you.

    "I myself have long been a fan of Wolfe's work, fiction and non-fiction, even when it has veered toward unintentional self-parody. It's hard not to be seduced by the (sometimes malicious) glee in his work. The exclamatory points! The italicized phrases! The onomatopeeeeeeeia that makes his prose sing!
    But if you're looking at a quietly impressive example of the kind of work Wolfe has been championing in the last 20 years, a novel that effectively makes a case for the novel in the 21st century, it would be hard to find a better candidate than Adam Haslett's Union Atlantic. This book, Haslett's second, follows his 2003 National Book Award-nominated collection of stories, You Are Not a Stranger Here, by seeking to capture the zeitgeist of this decade."

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    Re: Champion

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