Dear Sir or Madam:
My name is ........, I would like to express my interest in studying at the Technical University of ........ as a PhD student.
The fact that you can stand up again after falling down, shows you have a staff on which you can lay.
I was accepted in one of the best universities in....... , ...... University, for bachelors program in Technology. During this time my family faced some problems which affected this period of my education but, I stayed with my family. When I look back to this period although, I had low grades in my courses, I feel happy because firstly, I stuck to my family and never let them alone in hardship and secondly, because I realized my own high tolerance of problems. After this period my interest to my major became a staff and helped me in trying again. I studied in courses in which I had problems and tried to be more and stronger by removing my weak points.
In 2009 a new chapter of my life began. I got accepted in .... University and Technology, 3rd best university in ..... and one of the top universities 100 in Asia, for my masters program. This time I did my best to compensate for the past and passed all my courses with excellent points with the GPA of 17.92 out of 20. At this level I studied all my courses thoroughly and focused on the courses pertaining to public health more. In the end I chose "............................. " for my final thesis. Studying in the mentioned subject was so interesting to me that it led me to cooperation with ....... University and therefore publishing an article in a credited ...... journal.
I've experienced teaching at university level, worked at food industry, am the manager of the Research and Development of Food Industry and am the head of the "Think-tank" in .....'s concil. These experiences have been of high value to me and have taught me how to use my knowledge and to work as a team. But still, I feel that in order to be a high professional in my major and profession I'd need to be educated in a higher level of education.
Technical University of ...... with high level of education would be a great place for me and would help me to move a step forward to my professional dreams by getting more and more knowledge. Well-equipped laboratories, high level of scientific work in my field and a calm and relaxed atmosphere ruling the country which is chosen as the happiest country of the world for consecutive years is making that place more ideal, therefore makes me more enthusiastic to study there.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated in advance. I look forward to your positive response.
Best Regard