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    Should I add "having a" before "backpacking" ?

    Can anybody tell me if both of the sentences of the following are correct?

    A.) Are you having a backpacking trip now?
    B.) Are you backpacking now?

    I think both of my sentences are correct.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Should I add "having a" before "backpacking" ?

    Neither sentence is very good.
    If a guy is standing there with a backpack on, "Are you backpacking now?" seems like a pointless question.
    Similarly, I can't see the call for the first sentence either.
    More useful/likely are:
    "Are you going on a backpacking trip?" (Leave the 'now' out).
    I'm also not sure exactly what a "backpacking trip" is. "Are you going hiking?", "Are you going on a hike?" are reasonable questions.
    Your sentences are grammatical, just not natural. I think it's mainly the 'now' in them.

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