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    'bring' a letter

    I am told by my Principal to get a letter signed by my parents the next day as I was absent without notice the day before.
    I want to convey this to my friend (who studies at another school.)

    "I didn't go yesterday and now got to bring a letter tomorrow."

    Is it okay to use "bring" here as the friend is not in the same school as me and if I say "bring" wouldn't it mean my friend (or whoever I am talking to) is in the same place as mine?

    PS: This was a text message and I didn't use quotes for bring.

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    Re: 'bring' a letter

    If you were at school when you texted — 'I've got to bring a letter'.

    If you were at home or on the bus when you texted — 'I've got to take a letter'.

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    Re: 'bring' a letter

    And neither "bring" or "take" says anything about where the listener is.

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