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In many countries, schools have severe problems with students behaviors. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

Nowadays, there are more and more criminals that most of the culprits are in juvenile age. Basically, Education is an indispensable responsibility of the family and school to develop a personality. However, in many countries, schools have severe problems with students’ behaviors. To look back on the past, this problem is never concerned as much as today. Obviously we cannot deny that the remarkable increase of this school sickness is threatening our children’s learning environment as well as their studying process. Therefore, this issue should be discussed to find out practical solutions in order to get over this alarming social ill.
Certainly, family play an exceedingly important role in raising and educating children even guiding them to have appropriated behavior at school. However, the parents cannot spend enough time with their children for many reasons including working, business trip, meeting, and work at home. These grounds are likely to steal the time to talk, share or play with their children. Another reason is although they spend time at home, they mostly use laptop to working or surfing internet to enjoy their own free time. As a result, children become lonely, have no guidance on how to behave well with the others. Moreover, this result unintentionally form a chance to find the other ways in order to get over the solitude as making friend with bad individuals or solving their isolation by themselves.
Another perpetrator/cause is the development significantly of IT products also communication media. They expend their time with TV or surf internet with tablet, smartphone, game players and computer. For example, students watch bad-content film such as violent film and sexual film. In addition, there are more and more bad sources that you can search from internet and always free download. This may lead to brings along some impacts that create a bad and violent behavior in school.
In conclusion, the best way to solve this issue is must coordinate closely between home and school strictly. Parents and teacher function to lead their children steer for a right way to improve themselves.