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    Present pirfect or past simple?

    Hello! This is from John Eastwood's "Oxford Practice Grammar", Test 3E:

    9. You won't believe this, but I've got some tickets for the concert. Oh, well done. How.........(you/get) them?

    In the answers it is the Past Simple: How did you get them?

    But why we can't use here the Present Pirfect: How have you got them? Would it be a mistake and what is the rule for that?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Re: Present pirfect or past simple?

    Hello, tengri.
    Welcome to UsingEnglish.

    It's 'the present perfect' - please check your spelling.

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    Re: Present pirfect or past simple?

    Yes, "How have you got them?" would be a mistake.
    The second speaker has already offered his present thoughts, in the "Oh, well done". He now asks something about the past - "How did you get them?" I can understand why you might want to use the present perfect; his having got them in the past is obviously still relevant in the present. But how he got them is not relevant to the present.
    I can't think of any situations where we say, "How have you done that?" It's (almost) always "How did you do that?"

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