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  1. matilda

    Talking 125-ignore v.s deny

    Hello all

    What is the difference between (ignore) and (deny) in usage?
    I know their meaning according to what is written in dictionary. But I don't know where they are used and what changes in meaning they'll make.



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    Re: 125-ignore v.s deny

    Ignore means that you will not pay attention to something - you'll pretend that it doesn't exist.
    (example) Your mother is asking you for the 100th time, when will you give her grandchildren?? You reply: "I don't hear you, I'm ignoring these questions!"

    Deny means to protest or negate something.
    (example) Someone accuses you of trespassing on their property. You reply, "I deny that accusation, I wasn't even in town on that day."

  3. matilda

    Talking Re: 125-ignore v.s deny

    so what about refuse? (Although i didn't get the difference in the use of these two)

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