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    The use of commas

    These sentences are from the novel "The Swimmer," by Roma Tearne. I have noticed that the author did not use a comma before the word "and", although the sentences are independent. I am wondering why it was correct to omit a comma in these sentences when the rules say that it should be a comma between two independent sentences.

    1. She used to want to be part of our family and our mother was very fond of her.
    2. The piano stopped and I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen but Miranda was still talking.
    3. I was rummaging for a screwdriver and when I turned around he was staring at me with a puzzled look.
    4. She made a sound as if she was gulping down some food and all the irritations of the past few days gathered in me.
    5. They left him where he had fallen and when the air raid was over the teacher went back and found him.

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    Re: The use of commas

    People punctuate in different ways, and many don't follow the rules.

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    Re: The use of commas

    Nice Answer...

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