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    general qouestions

    Help is needed regarding the use of italic, Capital Letters or 'Capital Letters' when referring to terms or concepts.
    For example –

    1. Oedipus Complex, Oedipus Complex or 'Oedipus Complex' or Oedipus complex etc
    2. How should the terms should be written ('Critical-Idealism' , 'materialistic-skeptical' )?

    "I will show that although Freudenthal's 'Critical-Idealism' and Jung's 'materialistic-skeptical'."

    1. Music, Philosophy… or Music, Philosophy? "This intellectual function is at the heart of every human capability, for good and evil - music, philosophy, art, war, envy, greed, poetry and murder"
    2. 'intermediate betwixt' , intermediate betwixt or Intermediate Betwixt ?

    "Hume defined this imperfect concept as 'intermediate betwixt'".

    Many Thanks!

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    Re: general qouestions

    There's a problem here as you will find different usage in different texts. The better known a term is, the more likely it is to appear without ' '. I would search for the term in something like Google Scholar and see if there is a consensus and do what the majority of other writers appear to do.

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    Re: general qouestions

    While writing consist of two forms informal and formal, according to that you have to write your article, which must be change your way of expressions as well as sentence formation.
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