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    shortsighted and slightly deaf

    Do shortsighted and slightly deaf have mental meanings instead of physical ones here?
    23)Most people agree that Plato was a pretty good teacher. He frequently used stories to teach people how to think. One story Plato used to teach about (the limitations of democracy) was about a ship in the middle of the ocean. On this ship was a captain who was rather
    shortsighted and slightly deaf. He and his crew followed the principles of majority rule on decisions about navigational direction. They had a very skilled navigator who knew how to read the stars on voyages, but the navigator was not very popular and was rather introverted. In the panic of being lost, the captain and crew made a decision by voting to follow the most charismatic and persuasiveof the crew members. They ignored and ridiculed the navigator's suggestions, remained lost, and ultimately starved to death at sea.

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    Re: shortsighted and slightly deaf

    "Shortsighted" could have a behavioral or a physical meaning. Because it was paired with "slightly deaf", the physical meaning is more likely.

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