These sentences are translated from a Chinese article on Electronic Commerce Times (2014/2/24). Please help me correct the errors. Thanks!

The storyline development of K-dramas is mainly about love stories. To make the viewers have a breath of fresh air, the interpretation patterns of K-dramas would usually present with an ingenious image decoration and strategically brand promotion.

For instance, a 24-year-old tomboy in The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince; time travels to the future in Rooftop Prince; the horror-romantic comedy Master's Sun; and newly the fantasy romance about an alien who landed on Earth in My Love from the Star.

It shows that K-dramas are willing to keep pace with the times and constantly bring forth new ideas to try the treatment of new themes, which not only give viewers to experience visual novelty but also break the corny exposition mode of storyline. It sets off an animated discussion of the K-drama which is being aired.