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    speak, speak, speak

    I've a big problem. Having not a bad (I think) english language knowledge, I have no, so to say, live experience at all. I need someone to speak to. how can I improve my speaking skills without communication???

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    Re: speak, speak, speak

    hey,I have a solution to your problem,you can try talking to yourself in the mirror,sound crazy but it does have effect!!! I think by doing that,you will be more confident,more accurate when communicating in English.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Re: speak, speak, speak

    Do you have access to any DVDs of American or British TV shows (or movies)? You could set it so that the dialog is shown onscreen in subtitles, and you could read them out loud. At the same time, you'll hear how the actors pronounce the words, which might help you as well.

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