Cell phones in our lives became a significant technology that develops quality of our life. Anyone can access to the cell phone nowadays it plays important role in our lives. Almost of people thinks the cell phone is essential tool that makes to be relied on. That is causing many interruptions in our lives. Cell phone has detrimental effects on us for they are expensive, they limit the amount of physical communications, and they can be a distraction for most people.

Cell phone plays the role as a multiplayer in our lives; it is most likely a small computer that is mobilized. As it gets smarter, it becomes more valuable for consumers and gets expensive later days it creates minority of people that couldnít buy the cell phone because itís too expensive. Nowadays, the cell phones thought to be a high-end product than useful tool. Such as IPhone, the people knows that it has same function and expensive than other phone but they still go for IPhone because itís popular brand in the world. They follow up a trend even though it is expensive to maintain, in fact that gives more values to the company and increase rates of cost in their product. So it could cause detrimental influences for the consumers who donít have money to deal with it.

In the past time, human beings used mail system to communicate the people who live in different parts of the world. They also simply meet together to interact with each other. Nowadays mobile technologies have been developed in these days; we use the cell phones to communicate each other. It is innovative technology that helps to communicate in short amount of times and promote globalizations between the people in different races. On the other hand, communication through cell phone limits physical interactions therefore causes lakes of humanity which comes essentially by face to face conversations. One of most famous scientist stated that ďI fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiotsĒ as the following quote, we, our self-lacking physical interaction by using cell phone which is that make us to rely on the technology. So later days, weíre not being able to do anything without the technology.

Most of people in the society uses cell phone to encourage work efficiency especially people who majors in business area must have the cell phone to communicate with the people without wasting too much time for a meeting ,however, the cell phones could be an obstacles in our lives. Such as teenagers uses their cell phone for texting and calling with friends other than educational purposes. According to the research, Parents bans their kidsí cell phone because it interrupts the educations and lacks the communication between their children. Such as Facebook and twitter which are the things that make people to waste time for nothing. So depends on how the people use the cell phone, it could be beneficial but mostly it is made to be entertainment which brings detriment effects for distracting the people and decreases work ability.
In conclusion, the cell phone brings many qualities that develop the technology so it makes our lives convenient but relatively, it brings bad influences in our lives as well. It is depends on how the people deal with the cell phone and use it properly, the problem is that most of them donít know that. We should not be rely on the technology and sometimes chose classical ways; it could be better ways to socialize with the people physically.