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    Listening activity (marketing plan - bookkeeping system)

    Hello everyone,

    Hope you can help me with this one. It's a listening comprehension exercise and I really can't understand why "this person produces a clear marketing plan for his/her business." The underlined part is supposed to be the clue, but I can't see the connection between "marketing plan" (encouraging people to buy a product) and "bookkeeping system" (recording financial accounts). Unless the clue is somewhere else. But if so, I can't find it either!

    Thanks for your help!

    "Doing something you like to do and getting paid for it is great, and it doesn't have to be scary. By the time you actually start selling things, though, it's essential to have a rough bookkeeping system in place and to have worked out the profits you expect and deducted your expenditure and possible losses. I started my own craft business 2 years ago -making baskets, filling them with things like fruit and nuts, and decorating them with silk flowers. I wrapped them as gifts and sold them to friends at first, but now I have lots of orders. I'm even thinking of employing a couple of people."

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    Re: Listening activity (marketing plan - bookkeeping system)

    Listening is also very important part for the one who wants to write something or any article. As, we know that writing is the best marketing tactic for earning a good amount of money.
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