I begin to study a foreign language in the fifth grade. It was the English language. I had three hours foreign language in a week in my curriculum. Many pupils learn careless, because of which we keep of curriculum and I missed a lot.
In our country foreign language, one side, not very important. Many inhabitants of even the native language do not know much. It learn take the time, which can be spent on learning profile subjects. But it doesn't mean what foreign language not need to learn.
learning a foreign language has many positive signs. It is primarily broadened your mind. A foreign language help understands foreign books, music and films. Communicate with foreigners give many enjoyments. Learning foreign culture expanded my knowledge. Foreign language enables travel, get jobs and learning abroad.
I think that learning a foreign language should start from the first grade of primary school. At the age very well assimilated school material. With pupils need to more communicate with foreign language, invite foreigners and conduct listening. From high school students to organize voluntary travel abroad to practice the language. I think many parents will agree to pay for the trip.
To sum up, in the modern world foreign language play very important role, and it need spend time a lot in school. I am very sorry, that he paid little attention to it.