Hello, here is a story happening a week ago and I wrote it in the afternoon on that day.

Please give me some suggestions regarding my grammar and phrases used in the story and any suggestions would be appreciated!

"This morning at 8:19am I arrived at Bailey Cove CDC. Ms. Autumn, the lady at the front desk, gave me 11 screening forms (two kinds are absent). Also, she said most of kids are going to come in the afternoon. Then she helped me with borrowing a cloth from a teacher in another room to cover the biggest window in the screening room and gave me two more forms after a while. Then at around 8:55am, I went out of the screening room looking for Ms. Autumn to let her know I was ready for the screenings. (Ms, Autumn was in my next room while I was waiting for her) In the hall, I met Ms. Wendy and just told her can bring the kids to the room whenever they are ready and gave the 11 forms to her just in case she did not have a name list of the kids. (since the unfolded forms were taken out from a payment box at the front desk this morning by Ms. Autumn) In addition, I asked her where the outlet was in the screening room.(This is the first time I saw and talked to her this morning)

After less than 10 minutes, the first girl called HANNAH TRENKLE, 2 years old, Female, came in and they left her in the room for around 15 minutes then I went out holding her to look for someone to help me to take care of her when I was taking pictures. At the front desk, I saw Ms. Wendy standing in her office looking at me but she did talk/ask me anything. Ms. Autumn came in I told her after 2-3 minutes till the kid's eyes' are dilated I can do the screening for her and showed her how to position the kid correctly and then she held HANNAH's head letting her stand in an adult chair and made her forehead and chin touch the board. When the first picture was finished, the girl refused to put her head in the square again. The only thing I did was position her head making sure the her eyes were in the center of the square but not forced her to do so as long as she moved. (Before I took picture for the first girl Ms. Autumn brought in another girl-LENA, 2, Female)

Due to HANNAH's refusal, we only took one picture for her. Ms. Autumn brought her out of the room and left only LENA and I in the room. Five minutes later, I was trying to let LENA standing on the chair and showing her how to bend her back, the door was opened widely by Ms. Autumn and Ms. Wendy was standing beside her around 8 feet away from the faceplate where we were standing in the room with light off. I said to them,"please do not open the door, we are not finished yet." Ms. Wendy said," I saw you grabbing her hair."(things like that, I did hear clearly) and then she walked away telling me to pack up my stuff and I tried to ask her anything wrong I did and she just told me, "you are done." and would call my supervisor. I went to Ms. Autumn she said, "It is nothing but she is the director..." Then I heard Ms. Wendy calling behind my back to Ms. Autumn, "Don't talk to her."

Finally, Ms. Autumn took the 13 forms back including the two with the frame count numbers."