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Thread: amyl nitrite

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    amyl nitrite


    I heard the following words I highlighted in blue and bold from an Ameican movie named Fight Club. I've learnt what they are basically.

    1- lubricants and amyl nitrite

    2- I saw you at melanoma, I saw you at tuberculosis

    3- the microwave
    cordon bleu hobby kit

    4-after we open our heart chakras, when it's time to hug. I'm gonna grab that bitch, Marla Singer, and scream.

    A-I want to know whether or not those words are in the vocabulary of most college-educated native speakers. (I don't asked that they mean.)

    B-What does "hobby kit" mean? Wikipedia just explains what cordon bleu is but not hobby kit.

    Thank you!
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    Re: amyl nitrite

    I have changed your thread title to exclude the next three words/phrases, which I have faded out.

    Please ask unrelated questions in separate threads.

    As you know, amyl nitrite is used as a recreational drug by some people. I'm sure college students who (ab)use it have a much cooler word for it.
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