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    Hello! Can anyone please help me with this essay? The problem is that my teacher gives us a fail if we have 3 grammar mistakes and I would really need a little help. English is not my first language. I underlined the parts of the essay for which I am not sure that are correct. Thank you!
    Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get
    Life is very unpredictable and can be compared with the box of chocolates. The box contains many chocolates with various filling such as nugat, fruit, marzipan or even alcoholic filling. We never know what taste will the chosen chocolate have. It can happen that we will pick the one with the filling we do not like. Or maybe we will get lucky and will choose the one we love. These chocolates are like the things we get in a life.
    We have to decide what paths we will take in our personal and professional life and every decision takes us to a different destination, which can suits us or not. No matter how hard a person wants with education and planning pave the way for a good life, nothing will ensure him or her that the future will be like he or she imagines it. For example, when we choose our way of studies no one actually guarantees us that we will get a job we are educating for. We can whether end up as the best paid expert on our area or as someone who is unemployed and is grabbing every odd job just to earn a living.
    Not even the best fortune teller can assure us what the future will bring us. But at the end, it is up to us whether we will make out the most of what the life has brought us. Even if we do not live our perfect lives we can try and be satisfied with the things we have.

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    Re: Essay problem

    various filling - if thare are various, then shouldn't the nouns be plural
    nugat- nougat
    wants with education and planning pave the way for a good life- wants to pave the way for a good life with education and planning

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