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    Exclamation Relative Adverb

    Hello All,
    Why the relative adverbs have the meaning as " in/on which" or "in/at which" ?!!
    How we can distinguish those prepositions from the proposition of the verb in the clause?!
    Is there any differences in using 'at' or 'in' or 'on' + which ?!
    That's the restaurant at which we met for the first time.
    That's the restaurant in which we met for the first time.
    "They tell us in what manner the action takes place". the "in" is the preposition of the verb "take place" or not ?!

    Relative Adverbs

    A relative adverb can be used instead of a relative pronoun plus preposition. This often makes the sentence easier to understand.
    This is the shop in which I bought my bike.
    → This is the shop where I bought my bike.

    relative adverb meaning use example
    when in/on which refers to a time expression the daywhen we met him
    where in/at which refers to a place the placewherewe met him
    why for which refers to a reason the reasonwhy we met him

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    Re: Relative Adverb

    "At which" and "in which" have the same meaning in that sentence.

    One can meet someone in a restaurant or at a restaurant.

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