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    British vs American Pronounciation

    Hi there!
    I've found it very interesting, but can't explain in a correct way, why it happens.
    There are some words which must be pronounced in american and british variants differently, for example:
    dance AmE /a/(frog) BE /ɑː/
    can't AmE /
    a/ BE/ɑː/
    globalisation AmE /ai/ BE /i/
    There is a tendency even between native speakers pronounce such words in an American manner.
    How do you pronounce them? Why do you think such a tendency exists?
    Let's make statistics within the users of this web-resourse.

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    Re: British vs American Pronounciation

    I speak BrE, and I pronounce them dɑːns, kɑːnt and ɡləʊb(ə)lʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n with no Americanization and I don't know any BrE speakers who do Americanize their pronunciation. I do, however, know some with regional accents who pronounce the vowels differently.

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    Re: British vs American Pronounciation

    In BrE, you're more likely to see Americanisation in things like stress than sounds. If you take a noun like resource- the BrE stress gives two possibilities. The one that is the same as the US is becoming more and more common.

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