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    the evil of phonetics (read!!)

    f someone wants to help me, please post this on message boards or something better (there isn't really.. facebook is a good start. message board people most likely will ban you) "The Evils of Phonetics"
    red / read
    it's too long / ass to lung
    18 / a team / a teen
    need / knead
    what haven't I seen / want having a scene
    diamond eye / die men die
    provided / provide dead / prove it dead
    sleep okay / slip her K (ketamine)
    for me / firm e (ecstasy)
    overdone / over dumb
    Fox News / faux noose (tie?)
    calling the please / condom to please
    Can I come in? K knock em in?
    hone your skills / home yours kills
    believe in yourself / be leaving yourself
    diversion / die version
    taKING a WALLk, king of the hill
    clearly / Claire-Lee
    have fun doll / ha fondle
    press play now / pus ply new
    mopey / moo pee (milk???)
    IM you, I am you
    first lady / thist waity
    devil / 'd' evil
    corpses / carp-sizz
    the issues / the chews
    there / the heir, air
    ox / axe
    pay attention / PA a tension
    profound / pro-fund
    headstrong / heed strung
    sleep stop / steep slop
    tired eyes / tire dies
    dynamite / dine I might
    fetal / feed all
    blech (yuck) longs / black lungs
    placenta / play center
    crush on the first / crash on the thirst
    call me / cull me / caw me / coming
    meats good / meets god / mates good
    license and registration / lie sense and Reggie stray shin
    taking a hit/hint "cough cough"
    non-irritating / nun ear a teeting (cigarette/alternative instead of acting out intuitively)
    taking / tea a king
    backbone / bad bone
    Pat come in / pack 'em, Em in / pick amen
    crunchy / crotch chi
    dressed / jest
    cattle / cat hole / cow toll
    force it down / farce it done / "face-it" dome
    appalled by actions / appled by ash-ins
    Santa sledder / sand toe-slider
    discard / de-scarred
    losing / Lucy in / Lou-seen, scene
    crypt / crept / script
    Russian / rushing
    clouds / clouts / clots / Klaus
    Thank you guys so much / Think you're gay so much
    Aladin / all addin' (all adding *up*, making it okay for people to live who crave or "love" nice, young "souls"
    (describing opportunities in life broadly))
    pan it / pen it / payin' it / peanut / pain it
    Not about that life / nut about that lie
    pull / pearl
    armed (trees?)
    father figure / fatter figure
    Safe and secure / safe insecure
    breathing patterns, birthing patters
    disco voice / this cold vice
    smoke from a chimney / smack form ache in me / smock foam my kin me
    waiting / wading
    what's up / wood's "uh!" / want some
    What are your sources? / Water your sore says
    symbols / some balls
    spine / spy-in
    sand / send
    random / rain dumb
    the good came first / the good cane thirst
    brings in / bring sin
    I'd hate to be you / I date to be you
    de-scratching the skin / discouraging these kin
    had sex / head sacks, six
    White Christmas / wet cris mass / wet crust mess
    life on Mars / lie fun mo' S.S. (moss is green and sort of like cannabis)
    want, one "t" (the cross)
    moderna / my doorknob
    secretive / secret if
    gonna lose / gun a loose
    publicly / pubic lie
    I'm ugly / eye mugly
    a cane, arcane / okay-in
    flirting, farting alone (ignoring your a**)
    better in time / bitter in tie
    What good is pretty? / wet god is petty
    squirrel / score a hole / square a ho
    finding your center / finding you Santa
    excuses / sex, six uses
    dollar / dealer (they are good for the status quo)
    crystal / curse still
    going / growing (outside?)
    any better / innie, in E bitter
    my space / mice pace
    huh / ha
    fuck / fork
    however / ho lever
    eggs, aches / eggsacks
    holding hair, hare (slow down)
    slithering sin / sly the reason / still the reason
    I feel / 1 "f" eel
    deciding / decoding
    don't worry / don't wear e
    shiny / shy knee
    sinking in your claws/ siccing, sicking in your clause / sickening in your clothes
    veil / vail (deer-hunting is common, dare-haunting is calming)
    I can not sleep right now / I can nazi-lip, leap right now
    uncle and the police / place / please
    meth, myth (the water is shiny, the myth is we originated from Europe)(your rope, we were "brought back alive")
    hating myself / hating mice elf (Keebler crackers)
    Paris Hilton / parasail a ton / purse hit on
    pitch it to me / peach it two me (no core)
    no hair / no where / now where
    get your money's, mummie's worth / gut your mommy's worth
    rob the pyramid / rub the purr all mid
    awkward hand, hard
    talk, take me down / tack me done, meat on
    stupid / stop I.D. / stoop-id
    chord / cord / curd
    de-scratching the skin / discouraging these kin
    don't get less / "don't get"-less / don't, get less, Lyss
    dust balls / D.A.S.T. bowls (drug abuse screening test)
    drooling / drool in
    crime drama / crum germer / karma drummer
    dreams and nightmares / genes and neighbors
    what is sleep? / wet is slip / wood is leap
    mister / mint stir (bowls of Salvia (hallucinogen in mint family), bulls of saliva (teeth brushing))
    singing / sinning
    foreign / for in / four n
    clam chowder / clench odor / clan chatter
    kicking and screaming / kick,cake again's creaming
    temping / tempting
    steps / stamps
    maid / made
    chat / cheat (tests?)
    please / pleas
    acid bath / a kid bat
    guillotine / gay a teen
    calling the police their right / cold in the place they write
    higher than average / hear the knave rage
    too, two picky
    peaches / pit cheese / pitches
    mingle / mm in go
    help I can't breathe / hell pie can't breed
    mango / I'm ungo
    butt hole / butt whole / bottle / battle
    good ripples / god really pulls / get rail-poles
    retards / writ arts
    however / ho lever
    what's,wit's,wet's going on
    assassins / ask asians / a sass sins / as seasons
    Jesus help may / jizz-is-help me
    nothing to sea, see here
    sea horse / si (yes in Spanish) hearse
    Pompeii / palm pee,pay
    dulcimer / die some more / doll simmer
    ass hole / a soul
    hit / hint
    coming over / combing over
    wig not / wing nut
    premise / promise
    wizards hat / wizz it's hot
    raven / revvin' / ravin'
    perfection / profession
    revvin' / re:win
    leaders or the kids / liters are the kiss
    death is walking to you / def is working to you
    cancelling your plans / can't sell any your plants
    detached / debt ached
    generic / Gen Eric / Gina wreck / giant erect / join Iraq
    mister / mint stir,steer
    this pie is unreal / the spy a sun-rail, arson reel

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    Re: the evil of phonetics (read!!)

    I have no idea at all what this post is meant to be about or why you think we would share it anywhere. Nor do I have any idea why, as a native English speaker, you have used next to no capitalisation or punctuation in your post. Instead of posting yet another long list of words, why don't you explain to us why you're here, why you posted it and why you think we would do anything with it?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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