I am writing to ask all teachers would they mind taking a look at a website I have been working on over the last couple of years. I've created a site called dreamreader.net that provides free reading materials for English learners and teachers. There are 30 lessons on the site right now and they cover a variety of topics. I'll be updating with more free lessons on a regular basis, and by the end of the year I intend to have over 50 free readings on the site. There are also downloadable vocabulary worksheet PDFs that students can use for vocabulary study. The lessons are all graded across a wide range of levels (from beginner through to advanced) and I've done my best to develop them by using academic-based criteria (JACET 8000, Flesch Kincaid, etc.) and testing them out with EFL learners. I am planning on adding feedback videos to the site too, and hopefully they will be up and ready next month. I would really like your feedback, advice, and suggestions. Thanks!