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    Cool were\are given AND was\is given

    What variant is right? These sentences are given in the topic "The Present Continuous Tense" and i should translate them into English, but I am not sure if I am doing it right, my English is very far from even "good' and i am studying it by myself and have no teacher to ask for help. I hope you will help me.

    Here's a sentence:

    -You (are\were) constanly given the necessary instructions for conducting the seminar, (aren't\weren't you)?
    -No, usually we make independent decisions.

    And the second one:

    -What actress (is\was) constantly given a bouquets of flowers?

    Also i have one more sentence:
    "When were the rough copies of your speech written"?
    And i am 99% sure that "were" is used right. Using ARE would be a mistake. (When the rough copies of your speech are written?)

    SO please help me. I will be VERY grateful!

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    Post Re: were\are given AND was\is given

    Stacy...."The Present Continuous Tense" for the first sentence would be "are" and "aren't".

    The second sentence would be, "What actress "is" constantly given a bouquet of flowers?"

    Your third answer, if you are still dealing with "The Present Continuous Tense", would be "are".
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    Re: were\are given AND was\is given

    Your clue is in the name of the tense: Present Continuous.

    I'm sure that you know that the present tense of "to be" goes:

    I am
    You are
    He/she is
    We are
    You are
    They are

    On that basis, in the present continuous, one of those forms must appear.

    I am doing
    I was doing

    We are eating
    We were eating

    "When were the rough copies of your speech written?" does not use the continuous at all.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.


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