My favorite character, Brian, comes from the book Hatchet. He is a bold looking boy of about fifteen, with rich carmel colored hair, and clear sky blue eyes that are so bright that it could be shining and glittering in the dark. He is a courageous, determined, and intelligent teenager.
In the adventurous, breathtaking book, Brian was planning to visit his father, who was in the oil fields in Canada. On his way to his fatherís house, his plane crashed, and the pilot died. Brian came out, and he found himself in a mystifying forest filled with wonders and unknown beasts. At night, there were hostile creatures lurking in every corner, ready to gulp a human in one runty bite. Under a moss covered tree, there were venomous snakes with mouths the size of watermelons, bears black as a night sky and blood- red eyes staring menacingly at Brian in the mysterious forest. There were also piercing leaves threatening to cut Brian to pieces.It took real courage to build a shelter and to find food. Most people did not think piling up some twigs and leaves was being brave and fearless, but Brian was risking his life to leave the plane. Some planes could fly by and see him or he could wait and die, but he chose to find food to eat and build a shelter.

Subsequently, a murky, jet black porcupine with razor sharp spikes was lurking in the gloomy night. The beastís ambition was to get a delightful meal to savor. It stumbled into Brianís humble shelter and spiked Brian badly that Brian jumped up like a bunny. After battling the porcupine, Brian resolved to start up a fire to scare away unpleasant animals. At first, he never seemed to have even lighted a single spark. Brian sighed and had a depressed look on his chalk white face Brian could have gave up and went back sleeping, but he shook that thought away and continuously tried again and again. With the help of his hatchet, he finally created a fire to keep himself heated and to scare away animals wanting to come into his shelter. Brian was already exhausted of attempting to create a fire, but he never gave up.

I admire Brian because he was noble, determined, and intelligent. With these traits, Brian endured the hardships he dreaded to face and was rescued by a plane flying by.