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    phonemic transcription

    Hi teachers,

    Today I was googling the sounds of phonetics. I came across "phonemic transcription.

    There was a paragraph to write its "phonemic transcription" for practice.

    Passage: Poverty is one of...
    Phonemic transcription: /ˈpɒv.ə.ti/ /ɪz/ /wʌn/ /əv/...

    I just want to confirm that's how you write phonemic transcription. There was written as I wrote but I am still not very certain. Today it's easy to create websites, but trusted websites with qualified teachers are a few. Do we have to put a full-stop at the end? Do we have to use slashes?

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    Re: phonemic transcription

    Normally, people put the whole phrase between one set of slashes, with spaces between the words.

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