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Thread: real life

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    real life

    Please help me correct the following paragraph. Thanks!

    At my school, Korean dramas are downright addictive. Fans of K-dramas are crazy about their casts. They pay attention to what the main characters wore, touched, read and even ate. In the eyes of K-drama fans, what do these actors and actresses look like in their real life? Have they always been modest and kept a low profile after they were put on the map?

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    Re: real life

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Ashiuhto:

    In my opinion, you have done a fine job.

    The only "mistake" that really catches the native reader's eye is your third sentence.

    1. In your second sentence, you tell us that the fans are crazy about the dramas' casts.
    2. In the third sentence, you correctly continue with "They pay attention to ...."

    a. Then you switch to the past tense ("what the characters wore, ...").

    3. As you can now guess, all of those verbs in your third sentence should be in the present tense.

    a. I do not know how to explain the reason.

    i. Another member will soon do so for you -- and me.


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