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    As or Like ?

    Which one is correct: "As I said...." or "Like I said...." -?

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    Wink Re: As or Like ?

    Quote Originally Posted by fama
    Which one is correct: "As I said...." or "Like I said...." -?
    In this case either version is correct, but it's not usual to use 'like' and 'as' interchangeably in other contexts, e.g.
    You can do AS you like. (NOT like)
    I bought her the skirt AS I promised. (NOT like)
    AS you may know, I'm on holiday next week. (NOT like)

    Note that it is in informal spoken English that you can notice 'like' and 'as' used interchangeably.

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    Re: As or Like ?

    In addition, the rule for standard English is as follows: "like" is a preposition. It's followed by an object. "as" is a conjunction. It's followed by a clause.

    Conjunction + Clause
    EX: As I said <standard usage>

    Note that, speakers of North American English are known to use "like" instead of "as".

    EX: Like I said <non-standard usage>


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