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    Lightbulb It isn't [_**_] if it's true

    So I was chatting with my friend. I do not believe context is important here, but we got into an argument about a lot of things relating to that statement form above in the Title.

    1) Whether that 'if' in the statement or expression form above is or is not actually conditional. My friend thinks that the expression above can be interpreted as the statement preceding this one may or may not be true.

    For example: A : "There's a man who is attempting to play a banjo and a harmonica while riding a unicycle"
    B : "That's crazy! That cannot be done!"
    A: "It isn't crazy if it is being done. *Send picture of a man doing all that.*

    So what is happening in that statement? That 'if' is confusing me a lot! Is it conditional or is it just be taken in a rhetorical sense? Either way, can anyone please explain to me why that is so?

    2) I think the expression is supposed to mean "It is true and it could be [_**_], but it sure is true." What my friend thinks it means is that it means "If it is true, it isn't [_**_]"

    I am not trying to prove here that I am right but I really do would like an answer as to how that expression is supposed to be used.

    Speaking in person to someone would obviously help since this is a tad too abstract to convey via a post like this but I hope someone can help me out and explain what that expression actually means.

    3) Also, since that 'if' isn't actually supposed to be conditional(at least according to my interpretation) doesn't that expression, whenever it is used, qualify as an idiom? This is the meaning of an idiom according to Oxford English Dictionary is, "A form of expression, grammatical construction, phrase, etc., used in a distinctive way in a particular language, dialect, or language variety; spec. a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from the meanings of the individual words."


    Does not the unusual usage of the word 'if' in that expression actually make it an idiom?

    Thank you many times over!

    Sohum Bilawal Joshi

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    Re: It isn't [_**_] if it's true

    Your example with the unicycle doesn't really work. It could be both true and crazy.

    What you might hear is something like "It isn't bragging if it's true."

    Suppose I say that I can beat anybody in the entire state in one-on-one basketball. One of my friends says "Don't brag."

    I respond "It isn't bragging if it's true."

    In this case the "if" is indeed a conditional. Re-written, the statement is "If it is true, then it isn't bragging."

    Of course, I am stating that it is true, but the form used is still a conditional.

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