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    a secret chamber

    Please help me correct the following paragraph. Thanks!

    One day, Kate’s grandpa gave her a treasure map to go treasure hunting. She started her adventure in Witch Music Store at 10:30 a.m. First, she went to Owl’s Post Office to search for the treasure guidance. When she walked in, a lousy old man suddenly appeared in front her, saying, “Give me some money, please.” She was surprised at the moment, but she gave him a little money. Soon she discovered the guidance with some words on it, saying “Go to the Vampire Café and you will be able to find out the treasure.” Then, she ran fast to the Vampire Café. With the help of clue, she tried to locate where the treasure was. Finally she unearthed the treasure at the corner of a secret chamber. The treasure was an exquisite doll. She was so happy on that day.
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