Hi. I am preparing to apply for Exchange Student in France, and I should write a Cover Letter in English or French.
(unfortunately, I don't have such high confidence in that language, so I used English.)

As it is the first time writing a cover letter(we don't have such system in Korea ), I need as much advice as possible from grammar to overall styling.

Below is my cover letter, and thank you in advance for helping me out.

-----------Cover Letter-------------
Registrar's Office - Incoming mobility
INSA de Lyon
Bâtiment Camille Claudel
8 allée du Rhône I 69621
Villeurbanne CEDEX France
October 5, 2014
Cover Letter
Dear Sir or Madame

I am writing to express my interest in a position with the Exchange Student Program in the spring of 2015 at INSA Lyon (GMD – Mechanical Engineering Development). Currently, I am a Mechanical Engineering student in my second year of Undergraduate studies at the KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).
I became interested in the program due to the course <Innovation en Arts, Science et Ingénierie>. I am deeply interested in the convergence between Science, Technology and other fields. Therefore, it would be tremendously honorable for me to get involved in such course. In addition, during the course of the program, I am expecting to learn not only theoretical but also real-life projects through the program, as well as fitting into totally unique culture. I consider that INSA Lyon, founded for training engineers who are not only well versed in Science and Technology but also human qualities, is the right place for me.

Furthermore, technology, especially in the field of mechanical engineering had always been my passion. Since I attended high school, I had been actively participating in various projects from the research internship to leading a CanSat development team to the top place in the South Korea. Even after entering the university, I had never stopped trying to feel such technology experience, while maintaining wide and thorough experiences in various fields. While being a member in the robotics club <Microrobot Research> in KAIST, I had been participating in myriads of projects about various topics, including, but not limited to wearable computing, swarm robotics, microbe detection system and CanSats, and even participated in a startup project for smartphone application for legal counseling. I believe that such attitude and skills will be useful when participating in robotics club <ClubElek> in your institution.

Although I lack French language certifications, my quality – loving new experiences will make me to fit in the unique society during the program. For example, I am learning French in Alliance française. In addition, my high adaptability and open-mindedness will assist my life in your institution.

I truly believe that this opportunity will highly affect my future life and it will definitely lead me to success.

Looking forward to your positive response.
Best Regards,