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    some writing for ielts which requires cheking by sophisticated teachers

    the topic was: many nations nowadays competeing for the hosting of international events but the others think is not a good idea, discuss the both views
    There is no doubt that hosting sporting events always has been some privilege, homage and reputation for many nations.
    some nations via obliging the international sporting events , can pose themselves SUPERIOR internationally , purchasing more reputation for themselves, and provoking more investors appetites to flock over in order to invest and flourish the economical wheels of their countries vigorously.
    There is no doubt that people affiliated to each narrative are always two factions, the first outpost which is in favor of that particular narrative and the second outpost which is contradicted. To be honest , when we concentrate on the both consents and contradictions of people , we master, they are prophetic and frank in what they are advocating.
    FOR instance: in the case of obliging nations towards hosting international sporting events, I have to concede that for multiple reasons, the first outpost of people ponder that such favoring event is so lucrative for them. the first reason, government must examine it's budget and grasp ample assurance that the budget volume is massive enough to welcome the vista. second, any exploration and review in the budget is so eminent, because marshals assimilate that to what extent the budget is durable or to what extent their finances is degrading and they are being stranded in economical recessions. third, realization of any profound budget signifies that the bureucrats can invest on novel infrastructures for hosting event, simultaneously they can stimulate the domain of the foreign investors and creditors to flock over to capitalize. fourth , any kind of capitalization is so lucrative for residents of that particular country and over all internationally boast the celibrity and reputation of the country as well. Fifth, any intensification on the infrastructures is so accountable to compile more vocations and occupations for people which trigger more hiring and employing issues, so the rate of joblessness commences to shrink drastically, and more remittance is being injected to the sectors of the corporations and at last the (GDP) orGROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT orients to soar . And ultimately, any boost in GDP signifies boost on social welfares of people and in general on household affairs. so regarding these factors most nations appraise any welcome of international hosting events as a breed of prosperity and booming economy and at the analogous time reputation .
    ON THE CONTRARY, we own the second outpost of people who are disconsented to such oblige, because they keep grumbling about diluted social welfares and elusive household affairs to fulfill. They concede that the commissioners in their countries are all corrupt and spoiled and any hosting international events and even festivals , are trickling into some innumerable burden for them as citizen.
    They believe that such events can be marvelous fortune to the officials to embezzle more from public capital, cater superior opportunity to tax evasion issues, to slavery, stigmatization, low-income or unpaid wages to the public especially laborers who meddle in the enterprise of such historical event.
    SO as I aforementioned ,the second perspective is as honorable as the first one, these people agitate that the wealth of their countries must be expensed and invested on the social welfares and the other public life necessities not squander on the advocating sporting events, which just serve to the interest of some castes of bureaucrats.
    SO AS CONCLUSION, I should confess that I am vigrously advocate the both notions of people, so regarding this, FIFA FEDERATION COMMITTEE firstly has to probe into the history of that soliciting country to be a host,secondly FIFA as an accountable body must deprive those countries with a history of human rights violation and the other segregations which durably is being watched and announced by HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS around the world.SO in this case each country in advance inviting such event in to it's home soil, struggle to heed and amend it's budget and the requirements of it's people firstly, then bracing that sporting event.
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