Hello everyone. I am applying Master scholarship in Japan and i need to write "field of specialization study in the past".
Can anyone give me some comments and correction for my application. Thank you!

Field of specialization studied in the past.
I was a mechanical engineering student in Thai Nguyen University of Technology. I learned many things while I were a student. I learned about theories of how a machine could work, how to design and manufacture mechanical parts, and how to analyze a mechanical part then optimize its features. I also learned about material science which equipped me with the general knowledge of types of materials, properties of each types and their applications.
During my first two years, I studied core courses like mathematics, physics and chemistry, and also the basic courses of mechanical engineering like engineering solution, manufacturing processes and technical drawing. These courses brought me to the gateway of the garden of mechanics by equipping me with basic understanding about mechanical engineering and basic knowledge to reach closer to the Concentration course. Beside theories, I also did the laboratory activity based on curriculums such as experiments of physics and chemistry, practice of general engineering, programming, fluid dynamic& heat transfer lab, etc. During several months of lab research i made concentrated effort in developing a strong ability in lab research. I learned a great deal about power electronics, and engineering mechanics.
In the next two years, i studied concentration courses, such as test in machine and manufacturing, machines and mechanisms, mechanics of solid, composite material, technical material. These courses completely transformed me into a real engineer. I learned how to design a part that satisfies the technical standard then using machine-tool in order to manufacture. I also learned how to select materials for specific purposes and how to improve features of each types of materials.
In the final year of my undergraduate degree, I studied quality management, weights and measures, product design with CAD. These integrated all subjects that have been studied before. At the end of the course, i chose “Loading and transfer system for powders, granules, and dry bulk materials” as my final year project, then it became my graduation thesis.
I also had an internship period at Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz University of Technology, Austria through International students exchange program that encouraged me to pursuit a higher education program in an overseas institute of mechanics. My jobs at the Institute of Thermal Engineering were mainly about materials science area that involve developing material for manufacturing SOFCs, a type of fuel cell that utilize many type of nature gas as it input. This technology is really potential for the future of energy industry of Vietnam while the petrol is running out beside that we have abundant resource of nature gas. This golden opportunity also enable me to develop an ability to conduct research work in corporate environments, and also attained a key insight into the practical and commercial sides of mechanics.