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Nowadays, the amount of digital data around us has come to its climax. Those infinite terabytes of letters, symbols and pixels can make someone dizzy, but am I afraid of that? Does that information overload affect me in my daily life?
Rather not, I would say. Canít say anything bad about that either. We have to be thankful to a time period in which we have been born. Can you imagine finding an answer to any question in a few seconds in the middle of the 20th century using the Web? What about some ancient times? Digital technologies make our lives much more easy than ever before. Containing all your pictures, all your music all your essential data in a small piece of metal and plastic is a miracle. There is no much room needed to store data nowadays, therefore its amount has grown up to colossal heights. Is there something to be afraid of? Iím sure, it isnít. The more data is around, the more it inspires me. Inspires to read more and more, to look for wonderful music, rare movies, interesting TV programmes, pictures.
Those resources are truly unlimited. And they inspire me to explore the world in a digital way.