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    I would appreciate it if you could correct this letter

    Dear Donya,

    How are you ? I hope you are fine . You have left three months before to study in London but or me it seemed like forever . So I thought of dropping you a line to tell you how it is going here .

    Anyway,the whole class miss you and they send their Hellos !! . You know that I live in the town centre but believe or not , the house became a graveyard since you went to London, with no on to play the music at the top volume with . During breaktime , I would stay in the class with no one to share my secrets and plans with . I just feel that part of me went away with you since you travelled .

    Ofcourse, I won't live in that dead atmosphere till you come back so I finally bagan doing something good in my life . As you know , I used to hate french subject-just like you- but it suddenly popped into my mind to attend french courses at weekends. what's more is I am playing tennis in an newly opened sports club nearby and I am planning to take part in the coming national tennis competitions. I really wish you were here to practise with me .

    well , enough about me , now , how is it going with you ? I have heard from your mom you're working on a current science project, so I would be glad if you told me about it in your next letter . I know how sociable you are so surely you've made a lot of friends in the previous months . write to me about your life there and how it is going .

    As you know, it is only two month left for the summer vacation to begin , I will be counting the days until I see you again in the holidays . Take care !!

    with lots of love,

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    Re: I would appreciate it if you could correct this letter

    Welcome to the forum.

    Before dealing with the content, note these rules of written English:

    - Do not put a space before a full stop, comma, question mark or exclamation mark.
    - Always capitalise proper nouns (English, French).

    Click on Edit Post and correct those first.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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