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    Cause and Effect

    I have to have this turned in by Wednesday. I am writing a Cause and Effect Essay using MLA Format. I am curious as to how I can improve and where I can add or take things away. Please respond back ASAP. Thanks

    Nate Goble
    Professor Fanelli
    Eng 105 AE College Writing
    6 October 2014
    I am going to talk about a deadly car wreck that happened with its causes and immediate and long-term effects.
    Last year, my younger brother was involved in a major car accident that killed one person, severely injured two people, and caused a minor injury to him. The wreck was caused by a woman who was “drunk, abusing prescription pills, and texting while driving”.
    ““Anytime you have someone with controlled substances in their body, and alcohol, and add texting to it, it just magnifies what can happen. And this is a perfect example of what can happen,” added Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Bob Klein.”
    "Mayfield Deadly Crash." Arrest Made In Mayfield Deadly Crash. Ed. Stacy Lange. Wnep, 16 Jan. 2014. Web. 6 Oct. 2014. <>. The injuries were an effect of this deadly crash and when I arrived I found out that one of the teenagers had a split Achilles tendon on one leg and a broken knee on the other leg. The other teen had a borderline moderate/severe concussion. After talking to my younger brother I found out he had a small bruise on his side as a result of throwing himself out of the way of the SUV.
    A tragic effect was the man who had stopped to help them change the flat tire was killed instantly by the woman’s SUV because she had failed to stop when she had hit the Civic. She had wound up hitting the Samaritan’s Elantra and rolled her SUV three times before it finally stopped.
    This past January the woman driving was in court and had this list of charges against her:

    • Homicide by Vehicle While DUI

    • Aggravated Assault by Vehicle While DUI

    • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substance (4 counts)

    • Involuntary Manslaughter

    • Recklessly Endangering Another Person

    • Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic

    • Prohibition (regarding texting while driving resulting in a fatal crash)

    • Careless Driving

    • Reckless Driving

    "Court Charges Against Timko." Woman Charged for Role in Fatal Casey Highway Crash. Go Lackawanna, 16 Jan. 2014. Web. 6 Oct. 2014. <>.

    This is just one personal scenario for me where it could have been a lot worse. My brother is mentally scarred from it and he doesn’t like to talk about it. Who can blame him? His friend with the concussion doesn’t even remember what happened.
    Vehicular accidents happen everywhere and at any given time. There are numerous causes and even more numerous effects. I chose this accident in particular because it was a personal one for me.

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    Re: Cause and Effect

    Welcome to the forum, Nate.

    You have our sympathy for the dreadful situation you have described.

    Unfortunately, it is unprofessional of us to help with college assignments until your tutor has graded them personally. Come back to us if he/she makes any adverse comments on your work which you don't understand.

    Good luck.

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