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    The Humour of Cockney English

    Dear all,

    I read about Cockney speech's habit of dropping or aspirating the letter "h". And Mr Punch’s Cockney Humour has the following paragraph:

    "COCKNEY HOBSERVATION – Cockneys are not the only people who drop or exasperate the ‘h’s’. It is done by common people in the provinces, and you may laugh at them for it. The deduction therefore is, that peasant, with an ‘h’, is fair game."

    I don't understand the last bit of the quote. What does "The deduction therefore is, that peasant, with an ‘h’, is fair game" mean?
    Can anybody explain it for me?
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    Re: The Humour of Cockney English

    "Peasant with an "H" second becomes "pheasant", which is a "game" bird.

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