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    Post sentences for grammar and in general

    1. Preferred Venue: Due to the language barrier (company name) prefers U.K

    2. How is changing the family size in Europe these days and do you (plan to) implement the changes to the product?

    3. How narrow do you segment the target?
    - do you target by age, income, status (single/double-income family)?
    - what would be the range of each target?
    - is there any prouct made for a specific target?

    4. Which product is the most sellable among the Life Insurance products in Europe and what are their features?
    - How are they different from other products?

    does these sentences right?

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    Re: sentences for grammar and in general


    Due to the language barrier, Company XYZ prefers the U.K.

    The second "sentence" needs to be made into two sentences, and you need to make it clearer what you are trying to say.

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