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    how to teach grammar

    I'm a chinese teacher. but i teach englihsh in our country.i 'm very refused about how to teach english grammar. can you tell me how to teach englihs grammar?

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    Re: how to teach grammar

    It's a good idea to teach it in a context and not just as a series of rules. Find texts that have the grammar feature you want to teach and use them, rather than just giving out rules.

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    Re: how to teach grammar

    Welcome, limarymary.

    In addition, it's a fairly big topic. Most teacher either take courses in how to teach grammar or they study at home on their own. The bookstore is a great place to start, and if there isn't one in your area that houses English books, you could try on-line sources, like or the great number of on-line grammar sites. It's a good start.

    Is there a specific question about grammar that we can help you with?

    All the best.

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    Smile Re: how to teach grammar

    hello i am from peru. i'm sure you tried games. that's great when students learn the different grammar uses and at the same time they have a really good time.
    "grammar games - cambridge university press, mario rinvolucri" this book is good for this.

    tell me if it was ok.


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