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    Red face My Personal Statement

    Hey there! I am trying to apply to USC and have written my personal statement which you will read below. Would love to hear feedback on it! Thanks!

    Please respond to the personal statement prompt below. While the final admission decision is based largely upon academic performance, your response may be used for evaluation purposes.
    Tell us something that you have not already told us in this application that will help us to better understand your potential for academic success as a college student.
    Type your personal statement here. Statement limit is 2000 characters, which is approximately 250 words.


    When I was four years old, my Papaw Fosterwas diagnosed with cancer. After my mother and Iheard the news, we temporarilymoved to his home to take care of him during the duration of his life. Mymother told me stories of how I always loved to take care of him and how muchit meant to her and especially my Papaw. I was his little nurse and it alwaysbrought him so much joy. I love that I was there for him during a time when hereally needed it. Even at the young age of four, I had an interest in taking careof people. Over the last four years, both my brother and sister have torn theirACL's playing sports and I helped take care of both of them after they camehome from surgery. I’m drawn to looking after others; which explains why I’mconfident I will thrive in a nursing program. Last year, my parents gotseparated. My mother and I moved down to Charleston from Western NorthCarolina. I have helped take care of her during this difficult time but mostimportantly I have adapted to a new school and a completely new environmentwith ease. I believe that if accepted into your undergraduate program I canadjust to the new surroundings and thrive in the nursing program because I havea heart for serving and I know how to embrace change.

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    Re: My Personal Statement

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Are you talking about South Carolina or Southern California?

    The formatting is messed up. That happens sometimes when you cut-and-paste here. Fix up your spacing between words and we'll have a look.

    Just as a general observation, you have described why you think you will adapt to a new environment and why you think you are well suited for this type of work. But have you said why you would be an "academic success?"

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