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    Question Easy English test

    Help with test please:

    1. If I ... you I ... your sister with her homework
    A)was...would helped
    C)were...would help
    D)were...will help

    2.Things would go faster if you ... me
    B)will help
    C)would help

    3.If you ... me about it yesterday, I ... you.
    A)told...would help
    B)had told ... would have helped
    D)had told ... would helped

    4.If Tom ... his exams better last year, he ... So many problems
    A)passed ... wouldn't have
    B)passed ... wouldn't have had
    C)had passed ... wouldn't have
    D)had passed ... wouldn't have had

    5.If we ... this work together we ... more times to rest
    A)made ... would have
    B)made ... would have rested
    C)had made ... would have rested
    D)made ... rested

    6.If only he ... with us now!
    C)had been
    D)has been

    7.I wish it ... summer now!
    C)has been
    D)had been

    8.I wish I ... my exams better last year!!
    A)had passed
    C)have passed
    D)would pass

    9.If our football team ... the game we would go to the Olympics!
    A)hadn't lose
    B)hasn't lost
    C)didn't lose
    D)wouldn't lose

    10.If you join our class we ... the best football player in our city!
    A)would get
    B)will get
    C)would have got

    11.Let' go to the country if the weather ... fine tomorrow!
    C)will be

    12.It seems the weather ... fine tomorrow!
    A)will be
    C)is going to be

    13.I will join you if I ... free.
    B)will be
    D)would be

    14.I would join you if I ... free.
    C)have been
    D)had been

    15. I ... join you yesterday if I ... .
    D)would have...had been

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    Re: Easy English test

    Why do you ask for help when it's easy?
    Anyway, 'pass the exams better' doesn't sound like good English - 'better' should be deleted.
    Also, 'more times' should be 'more time'.
    #2, 4, 12, 15 are errors, in my opinion.
    Last edited by tzfujimino; 08-Oct-2014 at 17:21.

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    Re: Easy English test

    I am not a teacher.

    We aren't here to do your test for you.

    Having said that, this test is full of unnatural English, and I wouldn't rely too heavily on teamsar's answers if I were you.

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    Re: Easy English test

    Help and cheat are not synonyms.

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