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    cold status

    What do you think this "cold status" refer to? "numb or insensible status"?
    On our own level it is generally difficult to make a complete divorce between objective reality and our linguistic symbols of reference to it; and things, qualities, and events are on the whole felt to be what they are called.
    For the normal person every experience, real or potential, is saturated with verbalism.
    This explains why so many lovers of nature, for instance, do not feel that they are truly in touch with it until they have mastered the names of a great many flowers and trees, as though the primary world of reality were a verbal one and as though one could not get close to nature unless one first mastered the terminology which somehow magically expresses it.
    It is this constant interplay between language and experience which removes language from the cold status of such purely and simply symbolic systems as mathematical symbolism or flag signaling.

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    Re: cold status

    I would interpret it is as the objectivity in the field of sciences as opposed to the subjectivity in a language.

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