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    how to write a CV

    I would like to ask if it is gramamtically acceptable to write in a CV

    01/2008-06/2012: ICON International Traine
    Junior Accountant
    • Support in accounting process and procedures
    • Follow up and processing of financial transactions
    • Invoicing,data entry,cash and payment managent

    Thank you

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    Re: how to write a CV

    I will be more specific in what accounting process you are supporting to, are you in cost accouting, payroll accounting, ....etc
    The descriptions on your cv are a bit too general, if I were you, I will be more specific to the duties
    " Not a teacher" yet a retired financial analyst.
    Good luck for the search!
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    Re: how to write a CV

    Yes,but put a space after the commas. I would use Follow-up.

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