A Generation Gap
As we move into the twenty-first century, adults keep saying that our lives nowadays (as teenagers) is easier than theirs, and for the first time in our life, we do agree with them.
Some people claim that teenagers nowadays have runout of time to go outside and socialise due to the increased academic pressure. However, compared to our parent's lives, studying is becoming more easier and entertaining as we move on in a digital native generation providing us with on-line studying, helping and tutors websites, as well as scholarships to foreign countries. Today, one can just sit at home and shake hands with his friends in a distant college via the Internet through the computer screen.
It might be true that sales prices have increased nowadays, but with the technology advancement, the mas production have increased. This created more jobs to people and increased the rate of employment and provided them with good salaries. On-lone Shopping and Banking allowed us to easily purchase what was no afforded before.
To Summarise,every generation has its own challenges and each one should face its own. So next time we are told that our life is easier, we should not get angry because I am pretty sure, we will be the ones telling that to the forecoming generation.