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    Get, got, gotten

    Hi ! Always looking for new answers, I've got a question for you all. Shall I or not get results, I'll still help other ones because I like to so long as I am able to. I'm still French and do not have the level of a native English speaker even if it is my biggest wish.

    Enough! Let's introduce my question, if you please. I've always been fascinated by the differences I've been able to find, so far, between British English, which I currently and always have learned ! However, there are things I cannot understand on my own.

    To me : get, got and gotten are like take, took and taken. The verb, the past simple and past participle. And yet, here I am, wondering why I find get, gotten and got where, to me, I shouldn't. Correct mistakes ? Differences misunderstood ? I don't know.

    If you keep on doing that, you could get killed ;
    Are you crazy ? You could have gotten killed ;
    He didn't think of what he was about to do, he got killed.

    And : "I don't get what you mean" when get means understand.
    I know these four cases but there are still few ones I cannot understand (or get ahah) :

    - Got ya is like Told you ! Am I right ?
    - You could have got killed : Is that correct or people are wrong when they say that ? Is that the American (or British ?) way ? Would one or the other say "get, got, got" instead of "get, got, gotten" if so, let me know ^^
    - I'm completely lost with "I got to tell you" and "I've got to tell you" when they mean "I have to. If it meant "I had to", it would make sense to me but it doesn't. Got is a past form, isn't it ? So why does it mean "I have to tell you" or "I must tell you" ?

    If you know more cases or can explain me those above, I'm listening and if you want to correct my mistakes I've made in this message, if you are bored, you may do so ^^

    Have a nice evening!

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    Re: Get, got, gotten

    Welcome to the forum, Aelito.

    You'll get quicker answers if you write shorter posts.

    There's too much going on in this thread. I'll answer part of it.

    If you keep on doing that, you could get killed. This sentence should end with a full stop (period).

    Are you crazy
    ? Don't leave a space before a question mark. You could have gotten killed. Don't leave a space before a full stop. 'Gotten' is favoured by speakers of American English. British English speakers mainly use 'got'.

    He didn't think of what he was about to do. He got killed. ​What you wrote was a comma splice. Note the correct punctuation.

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    Re: Get, got, gotten

    ''Got ya" is a very informal way of writing "got you" and is usually pronounced "gotcha." Look here and click on Macmillan for a concise definition.


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