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    Smile Instant Messenger for English Learning

    Nowadays, Instant messenger is very common tool used in English learning process. It's become the simple way in learning process as well as an email. Well, here, I just want to ask a question. How does actually Instant Messenger differ from Email? Is there any differences or more effective tool used both of Instant Messenger and Email in English learning process?

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    Re: Instant Messenger for English Learning

    Instant messenger or texting is sending short messages back and forth between two persons.
    The language tends to be terse and contain a lot of shortforms. It is no doubt a convenient and effective way of communication but I am not sure about it serving as a tool for English learning.
    Any means of using a language helps in improving one's command of a language but in my opinion, 'instant messenger' is not the best tool to practice with using a language. The influence of texting language with its 'lazy and ungrammatical way of writing' is undeniably pervasive so much sothat you find signs of it in this forum itself, which is about improving one's English.

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